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Cinematic Selling: High-Quality Video Production in Luxury Real Estate

Updated: Aug 28

Visionaery Productions - Luxury Real Estate Videography


In the digitally sophisticated and highly competitive world of luxury real estate, the stakes are higher than ever for real estate agencies. Selling multi-million dollar homes isn't simply about listing impressive specifications; it requires a comprehensive, sensory experience beyond standard real estate practices. Here, the need for quality real estate video production comes to the forefront. Ordinary real estate videography, while functional, often falls short when it comes to portraying the unique allure of luxury properties. However, high-quality real estate video production brings to life the architectural splendor, the vibrant landscapes, and the distinct lifestyle each upscale property embodies. By offering an immersive narrative that static images and written descriptions cannot, it caters to the sophisticated expectations of high-net-worth clients, thus driving sales and reinforcing brand perception. In this case study, we delve into the critical role of superior real estate video production in elevating video marketing strategies in the luxury real estate industry.


-High-Quality Real Estate Video Production For Real Estate Agents

-Challenge - Setting The Luxury Home Apart

-Solution - Creative Real Estate Videos





-Final Deliverables


-Visionaery Productions


Renowned among the top 1% of realtors in the West Michigan area, the May Group brand is a real estate agency that has built an impeccable reputation in the real estate sales market. However, when real estate agent, Josh May, secured a listing for a staggering $2.75 million home, he was confronted with a unique challenge. This property was more than just a listing; it was a masterpiece that demanded a narrative befitting its grandeur. It was clear to him that traditional real estate videography methods, primarily defined by speed and high-volume turnovers, would not suffice. Typical real estate videographers are accustomed to rapidly jumping from one property to another, meeting the demands of their realtor clients for quick turnarounds. This approach, however, falls short when dealing with luxury properties, where the essence lies in the details that can only be captured through careful planning and meticulous execution. Recognizing the gravity of this task, Josh May reached out to Visionaery Productions, a Grand Rapids-based video production company, entrusting us with the critical mission to create videos showcasing this exclusive property in a cinematic way that would entice prospective buyers.


We engaged in detailed discussions to explore Josh's specific real estate video marketing needs and get an idea of the home's unique attributes. It wasn't just another luxury home; it was a crown jewel of the neighborhood boasting a seven-car garage with two car lifts, an in-house theater, an infinity pool, two kitchens - one of which was a commercial-grade kitchen, a breathtaking great room, among other luxury features.

Unlike standard real estate video tours working with time constraints, our expertise recognized that a more comprehensive approach was needed for a luxury presence. For the highest quality, our proposed solution was to assemble a two-person team armed with a stripped-down, Hollywood-grade Arri camera package, complemented by a drone, for a full, intensive 10-hour production day. By devoting an entire day to the real estate video shoot, we could capture the property in the varying moods of daylight, offering a more holistic and stunning representation of the home.

We were confident that his investment in our professional video marketing knowledge would deliver the caliber of results Josh envisioned to generate potential clients. With excitement running high on both ends, Josh's business green-lit our video marketing proposal, and our video production company was ready to start the process.



The pre-production phase for this real estate video marketing project was a mix of gear preparation, crew readiness, diligent scheduling, and close attention to weather forecasts. Weather played a pivotal role, as anything less than a sunny day with a sprinkle of clouds could severely undermine the visual impact we were aiming for.

Working with the camera rental house business, our video production company secured a two-day buffer, but it was a tight fit. To meticulously plan our video shooting schedule, I used the HeliosPro App on my iPhone, which helped me track the sun's path throughout the day. This invaluable information allowed us to capitalize on the atmospheric hard-light lines created when the sun's rays pierced through the windows, giving us the cinematic aesthetic we sought for the real estate video.

HeliosPro Sun Path

Our creative team was fortunate to have Harley Dean as the Director of Photography for this real estate video project. His real estate videography knowledge made him a stellar fit. As for the equipment, we chose the Arri Alexa Mini, often hailed as the 'Holy Grail' of cameras. While some may deem it excessive for a project like this, we believed its vast dynamic range and organic highlight roll-off were ideal for capturing the property's details without overexposing or underexposing areas. Furthermore, the Arri Alexa Mini's 4:3 video filming capability gave us the additional vertical height needed to create vertical real estate TikTok-style edits.

Our video camera was coupled with the Ronin RS3 Pro Gimbal because it could handle the Mini's weight, give us ultra-smooth motion, and pull focus on our manual lenses. We opted for ZeroOptik Rehoused Vintage Canon FD Prime lenses - 20mm and 55mm - for the videos. Known for their cinematic characteristics and pleasingly soft sharpness, the carefully chosen 20mm lens was perfectly suited to encapsulate the grandeur of each room, providing viewers with an expansive, immersive perspective of the property. On the other hand, the 55mm lens was ideal for capturing the intricate details of the home, allowing for elegant compression that highlighted the luxurious elements that set this property apart. Wide shots and close-ups ensured we could portray both the overall magnificence and the finer points that made this home a truly unique and luxurious real estate listing.

Production Equipment

Our video production company also prepared our Autel Evo 2 Pro 6K drone. This particular drone was chosen for one of its best features: no geofencing. Geofencing is a restriction commonly found in DJI drones, which could present problems when filming near airport vicinities, which we were. We wanted to be prepared for all circumstances and ensure nothing impeded our work. Finally, we assembled a lighting kit, an essential backup for scenarios where natural light might not illuminate the rooms adequately. With all the preparations in place, we were ready and eager to embark on the real estate production day to showcase the exquisite property that speaks directly to the consumer.


As the future real estate production day neared, we were relieved that the weather was shaping up to be sunny with just the right amount of cloud cover. Real estate videos tend to look best on sunny days. To ensure full compliance with drone laws, I received LANC approval the day before the shoot, allowing us to fly our drone up to 400 ft. in the specified area. For those intending to use a drone for commercial purposes, operating without a part 107 license can result in severe fines for both you and your client.

With all legalities appropriately addressed and a clear day ahead, Harley and I headed to the camera rental business, Braincell Camera, to collect the equipment. We checked the gear meticulously to ensure everything was in order and functioning as expected. Usually, we would already have the gear ahead of the shoot date, but it was Monday, and we were not scheduled to start filming until 10 a.m. Loaded with the video production gear, we made our way to the space, ready to begin filming the real estate video.

Upon our arrival at the property, Josh, the realtor, warmly welcomed us. He took us on a tour around the home, pointing out specific real estate details that were imperative to capture on film. We also took the opportunity to converse with the residing family, discussing our plan for the day and addressing any concerns they might have had.

Despite not having the chance to scout the home before the shoot due to it being inhabited, we were well-prepared, thanks to our expertise and careful pre-production groundwork. Harley and I set up our gear and started filming, ready to bring this luxury home story to life.

With the natural daylight as our guide, Harley and I strategically navigated through the house, focusing on the most luxurious areas, such as the kitchen, great room, primary bedroom, and basement. We filmed these spaces in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, ensuring we had a variety of options for editing. All scenes were shot in 60fps, conformed to 29.97 fps in camera (2x slow-motion) to give us the flexibility of smoothing out camera movements and creating an atmospheric, slow-motion effect.

We shifted gears once we were confident that we had amassed real estate sufficient footage for the wide shots. Harley transitioned to the 55 mm lens to capture detailed close-ups, creating a rich tapestry of the minute yet significant elements of the home. Meanwhile, I headed outside to pilot the drone, capturing sweeping aerial views of the home's stunning exterior, complementing our indoor shots with a great, birds-eye perspective of the property.

We completed the detailed close-ups and initial aerial video, so our attention then turned to the rooms that needed a bit of enhancement. We set up the Aputure 600D, a powerful lighting unit, to cast some much-needed light through the windows of areas that felt too understated, including the office, primary bedroom closet, fitness room, and basement bedroom. The added light brought a fresh perspective and vibrant energy to these spaces, ensuring that each corner of the home was captured in its best light for the video.

Once we wrapped up the interior lighting adjustments, we embarked on a tour of the home's exterior with the Arri camera in tow. Our goal was to capture intimate details of the outer façade, further enriching our footage with the intricate craftsmanship and elegance that made this property stand out.

Hunger was setting in, so we paused our shoot and retreated to a local restaurant to recharge our batteries. Most of the house had already been filmed, allowing us a generous couple of hours for our break. We timed it perfectly so that by the time we returned to the property, the light was entering the magical 'Golden Hour' before sunset.

Behind The Scenes

Feeling rejuvenated from our meal, we resumed filming in the neighborhood's entryway, capturing the surrounding scenic area in the highest quality. We then coordinated with Josh to capture him driving a vehicle into the expansive seven-stall garage. It took a few tries, but we eventually hit the mark and got the shot we were striving for, which perfectly embodied the lavish lifestyle conveyed in the real estate video.

As dusk approached, our video production company only had a few more tasks to accomplish: capturing more exterior shots with the Arri camera and the drone under the enchanting light conditions that sunset brings. We carefully positioned ourselves to film the same scenes during the Golden Hour and Civil Twilight. These perfectly aligned shots would enable us to craft a stunning day-to-night transition during the edit, encapsulating the home's beauty in different light conditions.

Behind The Scenes Video

We requested the homeowners to illuminate all the interior and exterior lights of the house. This added a warm, inviting glow that enhanced the property's aesthetic appeal as we filmed it under the cloak of nightfall. Showcasing luxury homes both during the day and night is crucial for video marketing; it provides potential buyers with a complete experience of what it's like to live in such a grand space, fully immersing them in the allure of the home in all lighting conditions.

With the final shot captured and the sun fully set, it was time for Harley and I to pack our gear. The day had been long and demanding but immensely rewarding. We knew the beautiful video clips we had gathered would do justice to the luxury home. Once everything was securely packed, we headed home, where my immediate priority was to back up the footage, ensuring its safe storage. It was the end of the production stage for this luxury real estate video - a day of creative execution. We looked forward to the post-production phase, where the true magic happens, and all the different pieces come together to create a compelling narrative about this magnificent space.

Video Stills

Learn more about how your brand could work with Visionaery on your next real estate video or luxury listing video production by clicking here.


Following our initial discussion with Josh, we aimed to maintain the video's duration under two minutes. Having the video under two minutes ensured a video length that was both succinct and engaging, providing comprehensive coverage of the house without overtaxing the viewer's attention.

An integral component for Josh was the video's background music. Before the shoot, I had created a playlist of royalty-free music for Josh to review. Through thoughtful discussions and careful consideration, we eventually pinpointed the perfect soundtrack for the video.

With the song in place on the timeline and the best footage cherry-picked, it was time to fine-tune our real estate video. The edit incorporated various dynamic techniques, such as speed ramps and day-to-night transitions. We stabilized slightly shaky shots to ensure a smooth, seamless viewing experience.

Upon completion of the real estate edit, the next step was color correction and grading. I aimed to imbue the video content with a rich, luxurious tone characterized by pristine whites and vibrant, naturalistic greens. Working with the professional Arri Alexa Mini footage was a delight, and it responded beautifully to the grading process.

Video sound design was the final touch, adding a dimension of auditory immersion to accompany the stunning visuals. I introduced fitting sound effects, particularly at the start of the video, to immediately engage the viewer. The May Group and Remax logos were then added for branding.

With all these elements in place, it was time to send the first draft of the real estate video to Josh for revisions. It was a pivotal moment, where we were eager to receive feedback on our initial vision and make any necessary adjustments to bring Josh's vision to life.

Final Deliverables

I vividly recall the moment I spotted Josh's email in my inbox. My heart raced with anticipation. As I opened it and read the words "I love it!" a wave of relief washed over me. Our video production company had hit the mark! While Josh requested minor revisions, such as tweaking logo placements and swapping some shots around, it was clear that we had successfully nailed the project.

We finalized the real estate video files with the revisions approved, tailoring them to Josh's preferred real estate listing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, the website, and specific real estate websites like Zillow or Trulia. After meticulous checks to ensure every detail was perfect, we delivered the final files. The culmination of hard work, creative vision, and true collaboration, it was genuinely satisfying to witness one of our best real estate videos being shipped off to market, ready to dazzle audiences and potential buyers.

Final Real Estate Video

Vertical Real Estate Video


In this real estate video case study, we delved into the elaborate process of crafting a professional ultra-luxurious real estate video to sell a multi-million-dollar home. The task at hand was to exceed the usual expectations of standard real estate videography and encapsulate the exceptional grandeur of the home. Visionaery Productions, collaborating with Josh May of the real estate business May Group, successfully curated a detailed plan deploying Hollywood-level equipment and extensive shooting schedules to ensure every luxury detail was captured in its true essence. Despite the demanding pre-production, production, and post-production stages, our creative team successfully delivered a captivating two-minute video customized for various video platforms like YouTube. The completion of this project underscored the indispensable role of high-quality real estate video production for effective real estate marketing, establishing an immersive and engaging platform to entice potential buyers.

As of this writing, this luxury home has a pending sale in under two months of its being listed with the video. We will update the blog once it has sold.

UPDATE: The home sold in the middle of June 2023.


Visionaery Productions is here to help you with your next luxury listing. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our real estate video experts team will help you create high-quality, engaging videos that resonate with your audience and generate more leads through real estate video marketing strategy. Real estate agents, please contact our video production company to help produce video content for your listings so you can sell more homes. Our video production company also offers more than just real estate videos for listings, check out more on our website.

Visionaery specializes in commercial video, corporate video, and drone video services. We partner with highly impactful brands to channel their vision and values into creative video marketing that makes it easy for people to resonate with their mission.

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