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Fall-Themed Video Case Study: Sable Candle Co Product Video

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Fall brings a cozy ambiance, where the warm colors of nature blend perfectly with the comforting glow of a candle. It's the season that inspired the creation of Sable Candle Co's "Harvest Moon" candle, a product that embodies the essence of autumn. Visionaery Productions took on the task of weaving a visual narrative around this special candle in a video that encapsulates the comforting and aesthetic vibe of the season.

This case study explores the final video produced by Visionaery Productions, shedding light on the blend of creativity and technical expertise involved. Join us as we delve into the various creative and technical aspects that Visionaery Productions navigated to manifest a video that doesn't just showcase the "Harvest Moon" candle and resonates deeply with the soothing essence of autumn. This exploration reveals how thematic video production can create a memorable narrative beyond a simple product showcase, forging a deeper connection with the target audience.

Challenge + Solution: Video Marketing Strategy

Close up of a Sable Candle being lit with a match

Sable Candle Co is a boutique firm renowned for its artisanal candles, each designed to offer a unique sensory journey. Among their exquisite collection, the "Harvest Moon" candle stands out, encapsulating the cozy and magical essence of fall with its blend of cinnamon, apple, sage, and blood orange notes.

The challenge posed was to devise a video marketing strategy that transcends the visual realm, evoking a sensory fall journey through the scent of the "Harvest Moon" candle. Visionaery Productions aimed to craft a narrative allowing the video viewers to smell the autumnal aroma through the screen.

The strategy entailed a blend of visual storytelling and thematic ambiance, resonating with the comforting and nostalgic aura of fall. The goal was to vividly depict the cozy, magical essence encapsulated in the "Harvest Moon" candle, creating a sensory-rich narrative that immerses the audience in the serene and whimsical essence of autumn through a well-orchestrated video marketing strategy.


fall themed room with young woman holding a sable candle

The beginning of the pre-production process phase is the bedrock of any video project, where ideas morph into a tangible blueprint ready to be executed. For this project, it was the stage where the conceptualization of taking the audience on a visual fall journey started to take a solid form. Every aspect, from visuals, planning, and gear preparation to talent selection, was meticulously mapped out during this phase.


The core idea was to create a seamless narrative that begins with the talent lighting the "Harvest Moon" candle. This act is a portal, transporting them to a vivid fall scene where a table laden with apples, spiced wine, and dried blood oranges awaits, ready to provide a sensory feast. Following this, the narrative would transition to a bonfire scene with friends, encapsulating the warmth and camaraderie of fall evenings. The journey culminates with the talent being transported back to the original scene, but with the room now transformed into a fall-themed living space, embodying the magical transformation that the "Harvest Moon" candle promises.

This narrative arc was conceived not just to showcase the "Harvest Moon" candle, but to encapsulate the experience it aims to deliver. Every element, from the scenes and transitions, to the sensory cues, were planned to ensure a coherent and engaging narrative.

Production Gear

The selection of the right production equipment is crucial in realizing the envisioned narrative, especially when the goal is to capture the essence of a sensory journey in a visual format. For this project, meticulous thought was put into choosing gear that would not only capture high-quality visuals but also provide the flexibility needed to creatively transition between scenes.

The camera of choice was the Canon C70 cinema camera paired with the Sigma 24-70 F2.8 zoom lens. The Canon C70 was selected for its excellent dynamic range and the capability to shoot in RAW and Log, features that are invaluable for achieving rich color grades in post-production, essential for portraying the warm, comforting hues synonymous with fall.

To ensure smooth transitions and light portability during shooting, the DJI Ronin S2 was employed. A notable feature of this gimbal is its "roll" function, which was leveraged to create seamless transitions from scene to scene, further enhancing the narrative flow of the visual journey.

Lighting is a cornerstone in setting the right ambiance, and for this project, a range of lighting equipment was utilized to mimic different natural lighting scenarios characteristic of fall. The Aputure 1200D replicates daylight, creating a natural, bright setting for the scenes. Additionally, the Aputure 600D and 300D, along with some Nanlite Pavo Tubes, were employed to provide a range of lighting conditions, aiding in crafting the desired atmospheric effect for each scene.

Combining the Canon C70, DJI Ronin S2, and the carefully selected lighting equipment formed a robust technical setup. This setup not only facilitated the capture of high-quality visuals but also provided the creative latitude needed to effectively encapsulate the essence of the "Harvest Moon" candle's fall journey, setting a solid foundation for the subsequent production and post-production phases.

Talent and Crew

An essential aspect of the pre-production process is assembling a proficient crew and selecting the right talent, which is instrumental in bringing the envisioned narrative to life. For this project, a talented team was curated to ensure every aspect of the production was handled with expertise and precision.

At the helm of the production was Director/Producer Brady Gilliam, who steered the concept and story from inception to fruition. His guidance ensured the narrative stayed true to the envisioned fall journey centered around the "Harvest Moon" candle.

The task of capturing the desired moody ambiance fell on Director of Photography Zach Rogers. With his expertise in crafting atmospheric lighting, Zach was pivotal in setting the right tone for the visual narrative, ensuring each scene resonated with the cozy and magical essence of fall.

Supporting the production was Katharine Seal, serving as both the Production Assistant and the generous host providing the location for the shoot. Her dual role was invaluable in facilitating a smooth production process.

The talent chosen for the project was crucial in embodying the narrative. Amy Harrison (Fredrickson) starred in the video; her portrayal was central to communicating the sensory journey of the "Harvest Moon" candle. Accompanying Amy were extras Tom Cuifo and Katharine Seal, who enriched the scenes with additional layers of interaction and ambiance.

The collective expertise and collaboration of the crew and talent laid a strong foundation for a well-orchestrated pre-production process, setting the stage for the ensuing production phase. Their combined efforts were instrumental in ensuring the project was well-positioned to effectively communicate the magical fall journey promised by the "Harvest Moon" candle.

Art Direction

Art direction was vital in setting the fall ambiance for the stylized shoot. The team sourced materials from Jo-ann fabrics, and Amy hand-picked wardrobe pieces to align with the fall theme. Zach meticulously designed lighting to evoke the warm, comforting feelings of fall. These collective efforts in art direction laid a strong foundation for capturing the cozy and magical essence of the "Harvest Moon" candle, ensuring each frame resonated with the intended autumnal vibe.


The perfect backdrop for this project was provided by our Production Assistant, Katharine. Her home, with its cozy living room featuring a fireplace and a beautiful backyard with colorful trees and a fire pit, was ideal for portraying the autumnal essence central to the narrative. Katharine's contribution was invaluable, offering a natural, authentic setting that played a crucial role in bringing the envisioned fall journey to life. Thank you, Katharine, for making this production come alive with the perfect location!

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Scenes 1 and 4 - Neutral and Fall-Themed Living Room

Film Stills and Behind The Scenes Photos

The production kicked off with shooting scene 4 first, owing to its extensive art direction requirements. The setting was meticulously adorned with fall props, and a television above the fireplace was removed to enhance the autumnal ambiance. A cozy fire was lit, and the Aputure 1200D gelled with a color-temperature straw gel for added warmth, was shot through the window to mimic the soft glow of sunlight. Additional lighting was deployed to illuminate Amy, our talent, ensuring she was well-lit against the cozy backdrop. The atmosphere was further enriched with haze, adding a soft, dreamy aura.

Upon completing scene 4, the team transitioned to capturing the "Pack Shot" - a close-up showcasing the "Harvest Moon" candle, emphasizing the product amidst the fall setting.

With the pack shot and scene 4 wrapped up, the team reset the room for scene 1. The transition from the intricate setup of scene 4 to the setup for scene 1 was executed smoothly, showcasing the well-planned nature of the production process.

Scene 1 was designed to be visually sterile yet with subtle pops of green, contrasting the warm, fall-themed visuals that would follow. This scene serves as the commercial's opening, where the act of lighting the "Harvest Moon" candle unfolds. The simplicity of the scene focuses the audience's attention on the candle, setting the stage for the sensory journey that ensues. The deliberate choice of a more neutral setting in this scene emphasizes the transformation brought about by the "Harvest Moon" candle, as it ignites the transition into a vibrant autumnal experience in the subsequent scenes. Through this thoughtful setup, Scene 1 effectively introduces the audience to the magic encased in the "Harvest Moon" candle, hinting at the enchanting fall journey ahead.

Scene 2 - Fall Picnic

Film Stills and Behind The Scenes Photos

Scene 2 transports the audience, along with the talent Amy, to an outdoor setting after the lighting of the "Harvest Moon" candle, immersing them in a sensory-rich fall picnic scenario. The table was abundant with elements synonymous with autumn - spiced wine, dried blood oranges, apples, leaves, and additional Harvest Moon candles, creating a visual and sensory feast evocative of fall.

Lighting played a crucial role in achieving the desired ambiance. The Aputure 1200D, directed through a 5-foot softbox, provided a soft, natural illumination, while blacks were added on the opposite side to cut light and enhance contrast on the right side of the frame, adding depth to the scene. The team timed the shoot to capture the sun's speckled light filtering through the tree leaves, enhancing the natural, autumnal feel.

The scene progresses with Amy re-engaging with the candle, her action serving as the cue for transitioning to the next scene by the fire pit. The detailed orchestration in Scene 2, from the prop arrangement to the lighting and timing, effectively encapsulates a sensory overload of autumn, further advancing the narrative of the magical fall journey ignited by the "Harvest Moon" candle.

Scene 3 - Fall Bonfire

Film Stills and Behind The Scenes Photos

Scene 3 encapsulates a cozy fall campfire setting, furthering the autumnal journey as Amy transitions from the picnic to the bonfire scene. Here, the narrative expands to include Tom and Katharine as extras, portraying Amy's friends and enriching the social ambiance of the fall experience.

The lighting setup was pivotal in capturing the warmth and camaraderie of a bonfire gathering. An Aputure 300D, gelled with color temperature orange gel, was placed above the fire pit, casting a warm glow on the talent and creating a comforting, inviting atmosphere. To contrast the warm tones and simulate moonlight, a Nanlite Pavo Tube was positioned behind the talent, its cooler light adding a subtle, natural night-time ambiance to the scene.

The activities around the bonfire, including roasting marshmallows for smores, further entrenched the fall theme, adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth to the narrative.

As the scene concludes, the narrative seamlessly transitions Amy back to the fall-themed living room in Scene 4, showcasing the magical loop of sensory experiences the "Harvest Moon" candle promises. The meticulous planning and execution of Scene 3 not only added depth to the narrative but also showcased the versatility of autumnal experiences, making it a fitting penultimate chapter in the visual journey of the "Harvest Moon" candle.

Post-Production Editing

The post-production video editing process involved fine-tuning various elements to ensure a coherent and captivating narrative. The primary focus areas for this video content were audio, color grading, and scene transitions, each vital in enhancing the visual journey inspired by the "Harvest Moon" candle.


  • The quest for the perfect music led to the selection of an orchestral piece that starts slow and gains momentum within a few seconds, resonating with the magical theme of the narrative.

  • As the intensity of the first scene escalates, a slight audio rise was incorporated to amplify the audio intensity, setting the tone for the first transition.

Scene Transitions

  • Each scene was refined to showcase only the best shots, arranged in a sequence that ensured a smooth narrative flow.

  • The challenging part was matching the "roll" transitions executed in-camera. Although close, some refinements were needed in post-production. A blur effect was added to morph the transitions seamlessly, aiding in maintaining the narrative's fluidity.

Color Grade

  • A film-like color grade was chosen to enhance the visual appeal, with warm and rich tones to encapsulate the coziness of fall. Pops of fall color earth tones were emphasized to enrich the visual palette further, aligning with the autumnal theme.

With the scenes meticulously edited and pieced together, reflecting the envisioned warmth and magical essence of fall, the final edit was ready to be shared with Sable Candle Co. The post-production process was instrumental in polishing the narrative, ensuring that every element, from audio to color grading, resonated with the comforting, nostalgic aura of the "Harvest Moon" candle and the whimsical autumnal journey it promises.

Delivery and Final Thoughts

The delivery of the final video to Sable Candle Co. met with enthusiastic approval, showcasing the enduring appeal of the Harvest Moon candle through both video and stills for two consecutive fall seasons. This project was a rewarding venture that elevated Sable Candle Co.'s vision for its product, portraying it in a new, enchanting light that fits well into its social media marketing and other marketing channels.

The journey detailed in this blog unveils the extensive preparation, research, and talented crew required to execute a stylized shoot like the Harvest Moon candle promo. It's far from a spontaneous endeavor; it's a meticulously crafted narrative brought to life through diligent planning and execution across all production phases.

This promo video serves as a testament to the magic that unfolds when a clear vision meets skilled execution, creating not just a product showcase but a sensory narrative that resonates with the audience, embodying the cozy, magical essence of fall inherent in the "Harvest Moon" candle.

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