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How Video Production Empowers Small Businesses - The F'n K Tacos Story

small bussiness video production for F'n K Tacos in Rockford, Michigan


The power of visual storytelling cannot be underestimated, particularly for the small business owner. Once seen as a luxury reserved for large corporations with massive marketing budgets, video production has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, including the local mom-and-pop shop down the street. Companies like Visionaery Productions are leveling the playing field, offering high-quality video production services that allow small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts and effectively engage with their customer base. For small businesses, leveraging video production in their digital marketing can help narrate their unique story, showcase their offerings, and connect with their local community in a personal and meaningful way. It's not just about keeping up with the larger brands anymore; it's about standing out in your unique way, and video production can help small businesses do exactly that.

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Final Thoughts

Small Business Video Partner


F'n K Tacos faced the challenge of effectively communicating its unique story and offerings to its target audience. As a fast-casual taco shop in downtown Rockford, Michigan, known for their California street-style tacos served on fresh corn tortillas, their appeal was apparent to those who walked through their doors. However, translating this experience and ambiance into a medium that could reach beyond their physical location was a hurdle they needed to overcome.

Having previously collaborated with Visionaery Productions in the creation of marketing videos for grand opening of their shop, the small business owners, Frank and Kaitlin Lamas, were impressed with the quality and impact of the work delivered. The success of the grand opening video led to the decision to entrust us with bringing their business story to life through video. The team at Visionaery was both honored and excited to accept this challenge, ready to leverage our skills and experience to help F'n K Tacos broaden its reach to potential customers and solidify its presence in the local community through brand story videos.


We decided that the most authentic and compelling way to capture their narrative was to let Frank and Kaitlin, the founders, tell their story in their own words. The solution was a cinematic interview setup inside their vibrant taco shop, allowing the everyday magic of the business to unfold in real time around their narrative.

Our solution involved capturing intimate moments reflecting F'n K Tacos's heart. We would include footage of Kaitlin warmly welcoming and serving customers and Frank meticulously preparing and cooking food in the back. These scenes would provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the passion and dedication that goes into every taco.

A central theme in the video would be "family," a concept of profound importance to Frank and Kaitlin. They view the Rockford community, their clients, and their workers as extensions of their own family. This theme would be woven throughout the video to reflect the strong sense of community and belonging that F'n K Tacos cultivates.

Having decided on this solution, it was time to prepare for the shoot date. Our goal was to create a video that didn't just showcase a business but told a compelling story of family, community, and passion for food, embodied by F'n K Tacos.



Upon project approval, we entered the pre-production phase, focusing on detailed planning and creating a comprehensive interview question list to capture the essence of F'n K Tacos. We organized a minimal crew and were joined by Nik Degraaf, a skilled photographer and lighting expert. For equipment, we chose the Canon C300 MK III and C70, paired with distinctive Vintage Russian M42-Mount lenses for their unique visual characteristics, aiming for a cinematic look with a 2:39 to 1 aspect ratio. A location tech scout helped us understand the logistics and assess the lighting, ensuring we were well-prepared to face any challenges on the filming day and successfully bring the story of F'n K Tacos to life.


We conducted the interview in a single day, scheduling a separate day to capture supplementary b-roll footage. Our setting for the interview was the cozy front seating area of the taco shop, with the glow of the TACO sign serving as a vibrant backdrop.


Balancing the challenge of exterior ambient lighting due to in-frame windows, we enhanced the interior illumination of the taco shop to avoid underexposure. We used an Aputure 600D with an F10 Fresnel to establish a key light through half-grid diffusion silk, generating a far-side key on our subjects.

Additional balance was achieved with an Aputure 200D for room tone and a Titan Tube for gentle fill light, ensuring a flattering and cinematic visual appeal, especially with Kaitlin positioned close to the window for optimal shadow fall-off. This meticulous setup captured the authentic ambiance of F'n K Tacos while spotlighting Frank and Kaitlin in a visually engaging manner.


Utilizing the Sennheiser MKH 416 on a boom pole, we adapted to the speakers, achieving rich voice tones for Frank and Kaitlin. While the compact venue introduced some audio bounce and reverb, we maintained a balance, preserving the taco shop's natural ambiance. The minor reverb contributed authenticity, reflecting F'n K Tacos' lively atmosphere. Ultimately, we captured clear and resonant audio, faithfully representing the conversation's essence.


Navigating through our thoughtful questions, we delved into Frank and Kaitlin's journey, uncovering their motivations and passions that shape F'n K Tacos. Their articulate insights painted a vivid picture of their beginnings, emphasizing the pivotal role of 'family' and their dedication to the Rockford community.

They spoke fervently about maintaining authenticity and high standards in their culinary offerings, fostering a unique bond with each customer. By the interview's end, we had gained a profound understanding of them as committed individuals, underscoring the impactful presence of small businesses in both the market and the community's heart.

Interview Stills


After concluding the interview and reverting the shop to its original state, we revisited to film Frank and Kaitlin performing their daily tasks, showcasing their commitment to quality. Incorporating aerial drone shots, we captured the taco shop amidst the vibrant fall scenery, highlighting its integral role in Rockford. With ample footage secured, we transitioned to post-production, aiming to craft a compelling narrative that encapsulates the essence and inspiring journey of F'n K Tacos.

Behind The Scenes Videos

During the video shoot, Kaitlin actually took the initiative to grab some behind the scenes photos and videos with her cell phone. Adding this media to their Instagram and Facebook social media platforms would help engage their audience as well as boost their social media presence leading up to the release of the main video content.


In the post-production phase, we condensed the rich interview footage into a sub-five-minute video, balancing brevity with depth to maintain viewer engagement. The editing involved cutting between varied shots, integrating authentic Mexican music as per Frank and Kaitlin's preference, and seamlessly combining b-roll, interview content, and music.

The project advanced through sound design, careful color grading emphasizing rich tones and accurate skin representation, and the addition of graphics and logo. Eagerly anticipating feedback, we presented the finalized visual narrative of F'n K Tacos' inspiring journey to Frank and Kaitlin.

Final Deliverables

Frank and Kaitlin were delighted with the edit but suggested revisions for a more personal touch, including extending a part of the interview. After swiftly making these adjustments, we created the final 4K version, suitable for various online platforms. The video showcased on their website home landing page and shared on social media, received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Rockford community.

Viewers appreciated the insight into Frank and Kaitlin's journey and the ethos of F'n K Tacos, demonstrating the unifying power of video storytelling and further solidifying the bond between the establishment and its patrons.

F'n K Tacos Story

Bonus: F'n K Tacos Grand Opening Video


The power of video production was instrumental in shaping the narrative and amplifying the reach of F'n K Tacos' story to a wider audience. The high-quality video produced by Visionaery Productions visually engaged the viewers and fostered a deeper emotional connection between F'n K Tacos and its community. It highlighted the values, passion, and dedication that Frank and Kaitlin pour into their business daily, serving as a testament to their brand's authenticity. The overwhelmingly positive response from the community and the strengthened bond between F'n K Tacos and its patrons underscore the impact that well-crafted video storytelling can have.

For small businesses, this case study exemplifies the immense potential of video marketing. It demonstrates that video production is not just a tool for big corporations but an accessible and effective strategy for businesses of all sizes. In a world where digital content reigns supreme, video production offers small businesses an opportunity to narrate their unique stories, showcase their offerings, and connect with their communities personally and meaningfully. As the story of F'n K Tacos shows, investing in video production can be a game-changer, helping small businesses to not only keep up with larger competitors but also to stand out in their unique, authentic way. By embracing video production, small businesses can unlock new avenues for growth and foster deeper connections with their customers while effectively communicating their brand's story and values.


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