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Check out our list of FAQs below. Contact us for answers to more questions. 

  • Do you give away the RAW Footage?
    Visionaery retains the RAW footage, ensuring it's readily available for any future editing needs our clients might have. The RAW footage is Visionaery's intellectual property. We provide RAW footage exclusively to other seasoned production companies with whom we collaborate. Our project files are retained as they are intrinsic to Visionaery's unique creative methodology. Our clients receive final deliverables suitable to their platform destination.
  • Do you have packaged rates?
    In order to create videos that are unique to our client’s businesses, we custom build estimates based on our client needs.
  • How long does it take to make a video?
    How long it takes to create a video totally depends on the scope of the project. It could take a couple of days to a number of months. The production timeline will be discussed prior to booking.
  • Is video production expensive?
    Video production is an investment into your business. Depending on your video marketing needs and the scope of the project, the costs can add up. Luckily, Visionaery is capable of working in various sized budgets to meet your marketing needs.
  • Is it necessary to hire a licensed drone operator?
    If you are paying someone to fly a drone, then under federal law the pilot needs to be licensed. Unlicensed drone flights for commercial purposes can carry hefty fines for the pilot and client. A drone pilot should also carry liability insurance in case of an accident. Visionaery Productions is Part 107 Licensed and insured, so you’re legally covered by partnering with us.

Contact Visionaery Productions today, And Let's Bring Your Vision To Life.

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