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Cinematic Selling: High-Quality Video Production in Luxury Real Estate

Updated: Apr 18

Luxury Real Estate Video Production

In the competitive world of luxury real estate, selling multimillion-dollar homes is about more than just listing impressive specs—it’s about creating a compelling, sensory experience. High-quality video production is crucial here.

While standard videography covers the basics, it doesn’t quite capture the full charm of luxury properties—their architectural elegance, lush landscapes, and exclusive lifestyle.

Engaging videos bring these elements to life, surpassing static images and text to meet the high expectations of affluent clients. This case study examines how high-quality video production is key to boosting sales and enhancing brand image in the luxury real estate industry.

Challenge - Setting the Luxury Home Apart

Josh May, a top real estate agent in West Michigan and a prominent figure at the May Group real estate agency, faced a unique challenge when he took on a $2.75 million property listing. This wasn't just any home—it was a masterpiece that needed a narrative as grand as its price tag.

A traditional real estate videographer, often quick and high-volume, wouldn't do justice to this luxury property where every detail matters. Understanding the need for a tailored approach, Josh turned to Visionaery Productions, a local Grand Rapids video company known for their meticulous and cinematic storytelling. He entrusted them with creating a compelling video to captivate potential buyers by showcasing the property's unique allure.

Solution- Creative Real Estate Videos

In our initial meetings with Josh May, we delved into his specific needs for real estate video marketing and the unique features of the home—a true neighborhood gem with a seven-car garage, in-house theater, infinity pool, two kitchens (including a commercial-grade one), and a stunning great room.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach beyond typical real estate video tours, we proposed a high-quality solution: a two-person team equipped with a top-tier Arri camera package and a drone, dedicating a full 10-hour production day to capture the home's diverse allure throughout the changing daylight.

Josh was confident that our professional expertise would achieve the impactful results he envisioned to attract potential clients. With both parties eager to proceed, Josh approved our video marketing proposal, and we were set to begin the production process.

Video Produciton Process


The pre-production phase for this real estate video project was an intricate mix of gear prep, crew coordination, precise scheduling, and keen weather monitoring, as perfect sunny conditions were crucial for the desired visual effect.

In planning, we used the HeliosPro App to track the sun's path, optimizing our shoot for the best natural lighting. We secured the Arri Alexa Mini from our camera rental house, allowing for a two-day buffer due to its unmatched dynamic range and 4:3 filming capability—ideal for both broad and detailed shots tailored for platforms like TikTok.

HeliosPro Sun Path

Director of Photography, Harley Dean, brought his expertise in real estate videography, perfectly complementing our choice of equipment. We paired the camera with the Ronin RS3 Pro Gimbal for stable, smooth motion and opted for ZeroOptik Rehoused Vintage Canon FD Prime lenses—20mm for expansive room shots and 55mm for detailed close-ups.

Production Equipment

Our drone of choice was the Autel Evo 2 Pro 6K, selected for its lack of geofencing restrictions, which is crucial near airport areas. Additionally, we prepared a comprehensive lighting kit as a backup to ensure consistent illumination throughout the property.

With everything in place, our team was ready to capture the luxurious essence of the property in a way that would resonate directly with potential buyers.


As the real estate video production day approached, we were relieved by the sunny weather with ideal cloud cover, perfect for filming. After securing drone flight clearance and gathering our gear from Braincell Camera, we arrived at the property, where Josh, the realtor, greeted us and highlighted key features of the home.

Despite not scouting the house beforehand due to its occupation, our thorough pre-production ensured we were prepared. We began filming key areas like the kitchen and great room in both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios, using 60fps for smooth slow-motion effects.

After capturing wide cinematic shots, Harley switched to a 55mm lens for detailed close-ups while I handled the drone for aerial video, enhancing our interior shots with expansive views of the property’s exterior.

Behind The Scenes

Needing extra light in dimmer spaces, we employed the Aputure 600D to brighten areas like the office and fitness room, ensuring every part of the home was presented in its best light. We wrapped the interior scenes and moved outside to capture the home’s elegant façade.

After a break for a meal, we returned for the 'Golden Hour,' capturing scenic entryway shots and Josh driving into the garage, which added a touch of the luxurious lifestyle to our footage. As dusk set in, we focused on exterior shots during the enchanting evening light, adding a warm, inviting glow with all house lights turned on for a full day-to-night portrayal.

Behind The Scenes Video

With the shoot complete, our final task was backing up the footage, ensuring its safety for post-production, where we'd weave together the narrative of this magnificent property. The day was long but rewarding, full of creative execution and anticipation for the editing phase to bring our captured moments to life.

Video Stills


After our initial talk with Josh, we agreed to keep the video under two minutes, striking a balance between conciseness and engaging content to capture the house's features without losing viewer interest.

An essential element for Josh was the video's background music. Before filming, I curated a playlist of royalty-free tracks for him to review, and together, we selected the perfect soundtrack that set the tone for the video. With the chosen music and best shots lined up, we refined the edit using dynamic techniques like speed ramps and day-to-night transitions, ensuring smooth visuals throughout.

The editing phase also included color correction, where we enhanced the footage from the Arri Alexa Mini to achieve a rich, luxurious look with crisp whites and lush greens. The final touches involved sound design, adding immersive audio effects to complement the visuals, and incorporating the May Group and Remax logos for branding.

With everything in place, we sent the first draft to Josh for feedback, ready to fine-tune and fully realize his vision based on his input. This was a crucial step as we awaited his insights to perfect the video.

Final Deliverables

Opening the reply email, we were greeted with "I love it!"—words that brought a wave of relief and joy. Our video production efforts had clearly resonated! Josh had a few minor requests, like adjusting logo placements and rearranging some shots, but it was evident we were on the right track.

We conducted thorough final checks after making the requested tweaks and tailoring the final video for platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and real estate-specific sites like Zillow and Trulia. Satisfied with every detail, we delivered the finished files.

It was incredibly fulfilling to see one of our finest real estate videos set to captivate audiences and attract potential buyers, marking the successful end of a project driven by hard work, creativity, and collaborative spirit.

Vertical Real Estate Video


In this real estate video case study, we explored the detailed creation of an ultra-luxurious real estate video aimed at marketing a multi-million-dollar property. The objective was to transcend the norms of standard real estate videography and truly showcase the exceptional splendor of the home.

Collaborating with Josh May from the May Group, Visionaery Productions' creative team crafted a comprehensive strategy using Hollywood-grade equipment and detailed shooting schedules to capture every luxury detail perfectly.

Our team successfully produced a captivating two-minute video optimized for platforms like YouTube through the challenging phases of pre-production, production, and post-production.

This project highlighted the crucial role of high-quality real estate video production in effective real estate marketing, providing a dynamic and engaging way to attract potential buyers.

As of this writing, this luxury home has a pending sale in under two months of its being listed with the video. We will update the blog once it has sold.

UPDATE: The home sold in the middle of June 2023.

Your Luxury Real Estate Video Partner

Visionaery Productions is at your service for your luxury real estate videos. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our team of real estate video experts is dedicated to crafting high-quality, captivating videos that engage your audience and boost your lead generation through strategic real estate video marketing. 

Real estate agents are encouraged to contact our video production company for assistance in creating compelling video content for their listings, which can enhance their home sales. 

Our video production services extend beyond just real estate videos for listings. Discover more on our website about how we can support your marketing efforts.



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