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How ChiroHealth Enhanced Its Online Presence With Video Production

Just as chiropractic care revitalizes the body, a well-produced video series can invigorate a brand. Dr. Sandra Stanton of ChiroHealth approached Visionaery Productions, a premier video production agency in Grand Rapids, MI, to create a series of videos for her chiropractic and wellness center in Rockford, MI.

ChiroHealth offers services to help patients manage chronic pain and neck pain, improve range of motion, and achieve overall wellness. Their website emphasizes, "Whether you need pain relief, health and wellness, stronger sports performance, or something else, we have the services to help you thrive." Dr. Stanton envisioned videos that would inform and engage current and potential patients, showcasing ChiroHealth's holistic approach.

The collaboration aimed to produce a comprehensive video series, including a business overview, detailed service videos, and a captivating silent website header video. Visionaery Productions was ready to bring this vision to life, capturing the essence of ChiroHealth's services and their impact on patient well-being / living a healthy lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  1. The comprehensive video series highlighted ChiroHealth's advanced chiropractic services through a business overview, detailed service videos, and a silent website header video.

  2. Our strategic production process, involving detailed planning, efficient filming, and meticulous post-production, ensured high-quality, engaging content tailored to ChiroHealth's brand.

  3. The new videos have enhanced ChiroHealth's online presence, boosting digital engagement, increasing inquiries from new patients, and solidifying its brand reputation.

Video Production Challenge

Chiropractic Care - Identifying the Need

ChiroHealth needed help to effectively communicate its extensive range of services and holistic ethos to potential clients.

Despite having detailed information on their website, they need more engaging, dynamic elements to capture the essence of their offerings (chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, and other therapies), especially advanced treatments like Acoustic Compressions, Cold Laser Therapy, and Spinal Decompression. Traditional marketing methods were insufficient for showcasing their advanced and personalized care.

With a diverse clientele ranging from children to senior adults, ChiroHealth needed visually appealing and informative videos to attract new clients and educate its audience.

The challenge was to create a modern, professional video series to spread its message and highlight its unique services.

Engaging Online Presence For Chiropractic Treatment

An engaging online presence is crucial for standing out in today's digital age. ChiroHealth needed compelling visual content to captivate visitors and communicate its value proposition.

They required a cohesive brand image through a business overview video, two detailed service videos on Acoustic Compression and Spinal Decompression, and a silent website header video. These elements were essential for building a strong, consistent online presence to attract and retain clients.

Video Production Solution

Strategic Video Production

Visionaery Productions created a strategic video series to enhance ChiroHealth's online presence and communicate its services effectively.

The centerpiece was a business overview video featuring Dr. Sandra Stanton, highlighting its range of services, values, and benefits. We also produced two detailed videos on Acoustic Compression and Spinal Decompression, showcasing advanced treatments and ChiroHealth's commitment to using the latest technology for better patient outcomes.

To make an immediate impact on the website, we developed a silent header video for the homepage. These elements combined to form a cohesive, engaging video series that showcased ChiroHealth's holistic approach to optimal health and chiropractic care.

Creative Process

Pre-Production: Concept and Planning

Dr. Sandra Stanton of ChiroHealth was enthusiastic about our proposal from the start. Our initial meetings focused on understanding ChiroHealth's vision and goals, ensuring the video series accurately reflected its brand.

We conducted a comprehensive location scout to understand the layout, lighting, and audio conditions, strategically mapping the best shooting locations. To enhance production, we added crew member Jason Caudill and prepped Dr. Stanton with interview questions.

Our team meticulously prepared gear and created a detailed shot list, optimizing exterior drone shots by mapping the sun's path.

This thorough pre-production planning ensured a smooth, efficient shoot aligned with ChiroHealth's vision.

Production: Capturing the Essence

Production began early at 7:45 am, focusing on efficiency for the five-hour shoot. We started with an interview with Dr. Stanton in the lobby, utilizing the warm fireplace and tungsten lighting for a professional backdrop. The quiet morning ensured a controlled environment for filming.

We used the Canon C300 Mk III as the main camera and the Canon C70 for close-ups, with an Aputure 600D softbox for flattering lighting on Dr. Stanton. An Aputure F22C, tuned to 3200K, served as a hair light, adding a warm glow.

After the interview, we followed our detailed shot list, using the Aputure 600D through windows to mimic sunlight and the F22C and 300D to bounce light in rooms. The Canon C70 on a gimbal provided smooth b-roll footage, capturing ChiroHealth's dynamic environment.

ChiroHealth's staff participation ensured authenticity and relatability, showcasing their genuine interactions and expertise. Due to overcast weather, we scheduled exterior shots for a sunny day. With all the footage captured, we concluded the shoot and moved into post-production.

Post-Production: Bringing It All Together

Thanks to the high-quality footage, post-production for ChiroHealth's videos was seamless. Using DaVinci Resolve, we edited Dr. Stanton's interview, selecting the best shots to create an engaging narrative. We chose music that matched ChiroHealth's professional and inviting vibe and synchronized the cuts to enhance the viewing experience.

Color correction and grading involved balancing temperatures, adding contrast and saturation, and ensuring natural skin tones. We applied a film grain texture for a cinematic feel and addressed digital artifacts. Audio enhancements ensured Dr. Stanton's voice was clear and balanced with the background music.

We animated the ChiroHealth logos at the beginning and end of each video for a polished, professional look. This process was applied to the business overview, Spinal Decompression, Acoustic Compression, and the silent website header videos, maintaining brand consistency throughout.

The final series of videos effectively captured ChiroHealth's essence, enhancing its online presence and attracting new clients.

Final Delivery/Conclusion

Client and Community Response

ChiroHealth was ecstatic about the final videos, with Dr. Stanton affectionately dubbing our editor "Splice-o-matic." The positive feedback didn't stop there; the chiropractic team expressed their delight with the results. With only minimal revisions needed, we quickly finalized the videos and provided both 4K and 1080p versions to suit various platforms and use cases.

Enhanced Online Presence

These modern, professional videos now serve as a cornerstone of ChiroHealth's digital presence, appealing to its broad audience and effectively showcasing its value and benefits.

The business overview, detailed service videos, and silent website header have been integrated into its website, social media channels, and other marketing avenues.

By working closely with ChiroHealth, we ensured that they could maximize the impact of these videos across various platforms. The new content highlights its advanced services and reinforces its commitment to patient care and technological innovation.

We look forward to future collaborations with ChiroHealth, especially as they've expressed interest in creating videos featuring chiropractic success stories from its patients. These upcoming projects promise to enhance ChiroHealth's reputation further and connect even more deeply with its community.

Your Grand Rapids Video Production Partner

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