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Top Grand Rapids Video Shoot Locations To Enhance Your Video Footage With B-Roll

Grand Rapids, Michigan filming locations for video productions

Grand Rapids is buzzing! More and more businesses are popping up, and the city is becoming a hotspot for growth and activity. With all this excitement, it's clear that companies need to step up their game if they want to stand out. One great way? Video marketing. It's the perfect way to show off what a business is all about. And here's a tip: It's not just what you show, but where you show it. Grand Rapids has many fantastic places that can make any video look even better. Choosing the right backdrop can make all the difference for companies wanting to feel at home in Grand Rapids. Let's dive into some of the best spots around the city to give your video that extra oomph!

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B-Roll footage using Grand Rapids video shoot locations


"B-roll" footage is supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot in video production. Think of it as the background or supporting video that adds depth and dimension to a story. It often includes scenic shots, close-ups, or other visuals that can help set the mood, context, or enhance the storytelling aspect of a video.

In terms of locations, Grand Rapids is a goldmine for b-roll footage. The city boasts diverse visuals, from its vibrant downtown scenes and bustling street corners to the serene landscapes of its parks and the historic charm of its neighborhoods. Whether looking for dynamic urban clips or peaceful natural moments, Grand Rapids provides an expansive canvas for capturing compelling b-roll that can elevate any video project.

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Rent locations around the greater grand rapids area for your video shoots


Several platforms like Giggster and Peerspace make finding rentable spaces for shoots around Grand Rapids easy. These services offer a range of options, from studios to unique private properties, catering to various filming needs. However, our focus dives deeper into the heart of the city. We're spotlighting those signature spots that scream "Grand Rapids" at first glance. These places have shaped the city's identity, from historic landmarks to bustling local hubs. While generic locations have their value, we're intent on showcasing areas that, when viewed, unmistakably root your content in the rich tapestry that is Grand Rapids.



The Creston Neighborhood in Grand Rapids stands out as a picturesque setting for any video shoot. Boasting a rich tapestry of historic homes, vibrant murals, and bustling local businesses, it uniquely blends the city's old-world charm and contemporary dynamism. The neighborhood's diverse streetscapes and scenic spots provide filmmakers with many visual opportunities, from quaint residential settings to more urban, lively backgrounds. Whether you're shooting a heartwarming commercial or a trendy music video, Creston offers a backdrop that feels genuinely Grand Rapids.


The West Side neighborhood of Grand Rapids offers a dynamic backdrop with a diverse community for video shoots, juxtaposing the old with the new and the natural with the industrial. Bridge Street, pulsating with life as the sun goes down, showcases a bustling nightlife that serves as a magnet for locals and visitors. As the rhythmic heartbeats of the bars and restaurants enliven the scene, just a stone's throw away, the serene flow of the Grand River adds a calming touch, painting a contrasting yet harmonious picture. Further amplifying the neighborhood's character is its distinct industrial feel, with gritty architecture and historical structures that speak to Grand Rapids' rich past. These elements make the West Side a visually compelling and multifaceted location for any video project.


The Heritage Hills Neighborhood in Grand Rapids stands out as a time capsule, making it an exceptional choice for video shoots that seek a touch of historical grandeur. Lined with sprawling, old homes, the area is a testament to architectural magnificence from days gone by. Adding to its allure, many of these homes are safeguarded by regulations preventing modern alterations, ensuring the neighborhood retains its rich historical essence. This commitment to preservation allows filmmakers to step back in time, offering a backdrop that's not only visually stunning but also steeped in the deep-rooted history of Grand Rapids. Heritage Hills doesn't just provide locations; it offers stories etched in brick and mortar.


East Grand Rapids is a jewel for video shoots, merging a bohemian vibe with its distinct residential charm. The homes, nestled closely together, tell tales of close-knit community living while juxtaposing neatly with the sophisticated allure of the adjoining Gas Light Village. This wealthier enclave of Grand Rapids mesmerizes with its elegant downtown, replete with trendy boutiques and refined dining spots, all set against the serene backdrop of a pristine lake. Marrying boho flair with upscale sophistication, East Grand Rapids offers filmmakers a rich tapestry of settings, ideal for capturing eclectic and luxurious visuals.

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Grand River showcasing the Blue Bridge and surrounding area in Grand Rapids, MI


The Blue Bridge

The Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one of the city's most iconic landmarks, drawing photographers and videographers alike. Spanning the tranquil waters of the Grand River, this pedestrian bridge, painted in a vivid shade of blue, offers a stark contrast to the surrounding urban and natural landscapes. Its striking color and architectural design make it a favorite backdrop for photos and videos, capturing the essence of Grand Rapids' blend of modernity and tradition. Whether illuminated under the city lights at night or gleaming under the daytime sun, the Blue Bridge serves as a visual anchor, connecting the city's history with its present and providing a picturesque setting that resonates with locals and visitors.

The Sixth Street Park

Sixth Street Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a vibrant community engagement hub, offering a distinct blend of natural beauty and cultural richness for various video shoots. The adjacent historic Sixth Street Bridge, with its wrought-iron trusses and scenic vantage points, offers a potent mix of industrial grace and historic charm, making it a favorite for aesthetic backdrops. Situated on the Grand River, the park unfolds as a canvas of recreational opportunities, embraced by locals for myriad events, including a rich calendar of arts and festivals throughout the year. It is a great filming location for music videos and more. It's not just a park; it's a gathering place where the pulse of the community beats strong, offering a setting that vibrates with life, creativity, and the spirit of togetherness, making every shot taken here resonate with the lively heartbeat of Grand Rapids.

Calder Plaza

Calder Plaza, nestled in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, is more than just an open space—it's an emblematic symbol of the city's artistic spirit and cultural vitality. Dominating the plaza are grand art sculptures, most notably the "Le Grande Vitesse" and the "Motu Viget," both monumental in their presence and significance to the local arts community. The plaza's design, accentuated by a modest staircase leading up to the vast expanse, creates a sense of elevation and drama. This iconic space has been the chosen venue for a plethora of cultural and city events. From the vibrant colors of the Festival Of The Arts to the rich tapestry of traditions showcased in events like A Glimpse Of Africa, the Asian-Pacific Festival, and the Polish Festival, Calder Plaza has seen it all. It's no wonder that seasoned event videographers regard this locale as a prime spot, having captured countless memories and moments that reflect the diverse and lively spirit of Grand Rapids.

The Grand River

The Grand River, gracefully carving its path through Grand Rapids on its journey to Lake Michigan, is not just a body of water but the city's lifeblood. Splitting the urban landscape in half, it becomes the thread that stitches together diverse neighborhoods, parks, and iconic landmarks. The Grand River is perfect for natural light photography and videography alike. Numerous picturesque spots and verdant parks find their homes along its banks, offering a serene backdrop against the bustling city vibes. Yet, its beauty isn't restricted to the surface. Venture beneath the city's bridges, and you'll discover corridors adorned with public art, narrating tales of the city's vibrant cultural spirit. Indeed, the Grand River is the essence of Grand Rapids, providing both a visual charm and a historical significance that resonates deeply with its residents. The beating heart has given Grand Rapids its name and identity.

Belknap Lookout

Unlike other filming locations around the city, Belknap Lookout in Grand Rapids, MI, offers filmmakers an amazing vantage point. Belknap Lookout provides a panoramic view of downtown Grand Rapids, capturing its skyline in all its glory. Especially during Golden Hour, as the sun begins its descent, the city below is bathed in a warm, amber hue, creating a dreamlike setting perfect for capturing those poignant moments on film. The elevation offers an unparalleled view and imparts a sensation of being elevated above the hustle and bustle of city life. The spot's vibrancy, combined with its serenity, makes Belknap Lookout a sought-after location, allowing videographers to capture the essence of Grand Rapids from a breathtaking perspective.

The Fish Ladder

The Fish Ladder in Grand Rapids, Michigan, stands out as a testament to innovative design melding with natural function, making it a captivating location for video and photo shoots. This unique, sprawling concrete structure aids fish in their journey up and down the turbulent rapids, ensuring nature's rhythms are undisturbed by human intervention. The site buzzes with activity, drawing in a medley of tourists curiously observing the aquatic ballet and fishermen patiently awaiting their next catch. The blend of architectural intrigue with the natural dance of fish makes the Fish Ladder a rich canvas for videographers and photographers. Whether you're looking to capture the raw essence of Grand Rapids or seeking an unconventional backdrop, this locale promises a visual story that's both intriguing and authentic.

Ionia Avenue

Ionia Avenue, situated in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, pulsates with the city's vibrant energy, making it a prime spot for video shoots. As the lifeline of the urban core, this avenue is flanked by some of Grand Rapids' most iconic landmarks. Just a few steps away is the imposing Van Andel Arena, known for hosting some of the city's most memorable events, and The Bob, a cherished locale synonymous with entertainment and nightlife. Each corner of Ionia Avenue tells a story of the city's evolution, cultural enthusiasm, and bustling day-to-day life. The blend of historic structures with modern establishments offers a rich tapestry for videographers to capture the true essence of Grand Rapids, where the past meets the present in a harmonious rhythm.

Rosa Parks Circle

Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids emerges as a dynamic hub for video shoots, encapsulating the city's vibrant spirit and communal ethos. Throughout the year, this bustling area comes alive with a myriad of events that reflect the cultural tapestry of Grand Rapids. From lively swing dance evenings to intimate concerts under the open sky and vibrant festivals celebrating local talents, there's always something happening here. But the circle's magic doesn't end with the fall leaves. As winter descends, Rosa Parks Circle transforms into a whimsical ice rink, becoming a haven for skating enthusiasts and families. The sight of twinkling lights, the sound of blades gliding on ice, and the palpable joy of the season make it a picturesque spot to capture the heart and soul of the community in motion.

Ah-Nab-Awen Park

Ah-Nab-Awen Park in Grand Rapids, MI, is a verdant oasis amidst the urban landscape, offering videographers an idyllic setting rich in natural beauty and cultural significance. Nestled right along the riverbanks, the park boasts impeccably manicured green expanses that contrast beautifully with the flowing waters. Adding to its charm is its location right in front of the renowned Gerald R. Ford Museum, intertwining nature with history. As you wander its paths, public art sculptures dot the landscape, each telling a story and adding layers of visual interest. But the park's most enchanting feature is its vantage point across the river. From here, the majestic city skyline showcases iconic structures like DeVos Place, the luxurious Amway Grand, and the contemporary JW Marriott. Ah-Nab-Awen Park is more than just a park; it's a canvas that captures the heart of Grand Rapids in all its multifaceted glory.

The Downtown Market

The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids is a lively spot that captures the city's diverse culture, making it an excellent location for video shoots. With various food stalls representing local and international flavors, there's always something interesting happening here. On top of the market, there's a greenhouse, adding a touch of greenery to the urban setting. The adjacent parking lot strip, with its covered section, isn't just for cars – it often hosts events, bringing the community together. The Downtown Market offers a blend of food, nature, and architecture, making it a versatile backdrop for any videography project in Grand Rapids.


Before we wrap up, it's worth mentioning a few other notable video shoot locations in Grand Rapids that have caught the attention of filmmakers and photographers alike. While we won't delve deep into each one, these spots encapsulate the city's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture and are worth considering for your next project. Whether you're looking for urban charm or natural beauty, Grand Rapids offers many choices.

Here's a quick list to spark some inspiration:

-The Amway Grand Building

-The JW Marriot Building

-The Pyramid Scheme

-Blandford Nature Preserve

-Fulton Street Farmers Market

-Grand Rapids Public Museum

-Grand Rapids Art Museum

-Michigan Masonic Museum

-Founders Brewing Co

-Gerald R. Ford Airport Viewing Park

-Robinettes Apple Haus and Winery

Video production companies can film in Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Grand Rapids experiences the full spectrum of the four seasons, each bringing unique charm to the city's landscape. Spring introduces fresh blooms and rejuvenated greenery, while summer offers warm days perfect for outdoor activities. Come fall, the city is draped in shades of orange and gold, offering picturesque views at every turn. Winter, in contrast, blankets the area in snow, adding a quiet beauty. This seasonal cycle means every location in Grand Rapids changes its look throughout the year, giving creators diverse visuals depending on the time of year, making it easy to find video shoot locations.

Your Grand Rapids Video Shoot May require Fiilm Permits and Release forms at specific filming locations


When planning a video shoot, especially in urban areas like Grand Rapids, there's much more to consider than just picking the perfect location. Depending on the size and scope of your production, acquiring film permits might be necessary. These permits ensure that you have the right to shoot in a particular area, especially if it's a public space or if your activities might affect the local community. Additionally, you might need a location release if your video captures specific properties or establishments. It permits you to showcase them in your video, protecting you from legal complications. It's especially crucial for commercial endeavors, such as paid advertising campaigns, to secure these releases, as they tend to have wider distribution and larger audiences. Beyond permits and releases, always be mindful of the surrounding community. Respect local businesses, inform residents if your shoot might disrupt their daily routines, and always leave the location as you find it. Responsible filming ensures a smoother experience and fosters a good relationship with the community for future projects.

You can apply for a film permit through the City of Grand Rapids. Be sure to apply a few weeks in advance of your planned shoot date. You will find a list of prerequisites that make your project eligible for a permit. Not all video shoots require a film permit.


In conclusion, Grand Rapids presents a wealth of diverse locations that can elevate both the main content and the b-roll of your videos. With its mix of urban charm, natural splendor, and the ever-changing backdrop of four distinct seasons, filmmakers and videographers have a dynamic palette to work with all year round. Incorporating these locations can add depth and context, making your B-roll footage as compelling as the main narrative. Yet, it's crucial to remember the administrative side of things. Before filming, thorough research is essential, especially concerning film permits or location releases based on your production's scale and type. With a blend of preparation and the scenic vistas of Grand Rapids, your video content can genuinely stand out.


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