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12 Videos That Every Business Needs

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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Videos have firmly cemented their place in the digital realm, with individuals spending an average of 17 hours per week immersed in online video content. The shareability of videos is a notable boon for businesses, as they are 52% more likely to be shared than other forms of content, creating a ripple effect that significantly broadens brand exposure. As online videos now constitute a commanding 82.5% of all web traffic in 2023, the importance of video content for businesses is more pronounced than ever. This blog post unveils 12 essential types of videos that can serve as potent tools in your digital arsenal, helping to enhance your online presence and foster a more engaging connection with your audience.

12 Key Video Types

Company Story Videos

Company Story Videos, often referred to as "About Us" videos, are engaging visuals that tell the narrative of a business, showcasing its brand values, journey, and the people behind it. They are a great example of how to humanize a brand by creating a personal connection between the company and its audience, which is crucial for building trust and credibility. These videos help a business stand out in a competitive market by highlighting its unique story and culture. They enhance audience engagement through visual storytelling, making the brand more memorable. They articulate the brand's mission, vision, and values, helping to align audience perceptions with what the company stands for. Businesses can significantly improve their marketing strategy through these videos, fostering a more robust and relatable brand persona.

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Product Videos and Service Videos

Product and Service Videos play a fundamental role in marketing by offering a clear, engaging depiction of what a business provides, making it easier for potential customers to understand the value proposition. These videos can humanize the brand by demonstrating how the business solves real problems for real people, building a bridge of trust and relatability with the audience. They also offer a competitive edge in the market by illustrating the unique features and benefits of the business's products or services in a vivid and memorable manner.

The engaging nature of these videos enhances audience retention and interest, making the brand more memorable. They also provide a platform for businesses to articulate their offerings' specific benefits and features, aligning customer expectations and understanding.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer Testimonials are authentic visual endorsements where satisfied customers share their positive experiences with a business's products or services. These videos turn your customers into brand advocates. They play a vital role in marketing by providing social proof, which can significantly influence prospective customers' decision-making. These videos humanize the brand by showcasing real people with real problems that were solved by the business, fostering a deeper connection with the audience. They also build trust and credibility as potential customers often find peer reviews more convincing and less biased than brand-generated content.

In a competitive market, authentic testimonials can serve as a distinguishing factor, highlighting the tangible benefits and satisfaction existing customers enjoy. The engaging narrative of a customer's journey enhances audience retention and interest, making the brand more relatable and memorable. They also articulate the practical benefits and solutions the business provides, aiding in aligning customer expectations and understanding.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short, engaging videos that elucidate a company's products or services, often simplifying complex ideas into easily digestible information. They are a cornerstone in marketing strategies, especially for businesses with products or services that require a level of explanation to be fully understood. These videos humanize the brand by breaking down complex jargon into relatable language, fostering a better connection with the audience. They build trust by demonstrating a business's transparency and willingness to ensure customers understand their offerings. Explainer videos are also a great way to avoid customer complaints by thoroughly explaining how things work.

Explainer Videos help businesses stand out in competitive markets by providing clear, concise information about how their products or services solve specific problems. These videos' engaging and often animated nature enhances audience retention and interest, making the brand more memorable. They also provide a platform for articulating the functional benefits and features of the offerings, aligning customer expectations with the business's value proposition.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos are dynamic visuals crafted to spark interest and drive action toward a business's products or services. They are instrumental in marketing strategies, serving as powerful tools to showcase a brand's offerings in an enticing manner. These videos often connect the audience with the benefits they could experience, fostering a more personal connection. They also build trust by demonstrating the value and advantages of what the business offers, which is essential for encouraging customer conversion.

Promotional Videos help businesses stand out by creatively highlighting their offerings' unique features and benefits, capturing the audience's attention. These videos enhance audience retention and interest, making the brand and its offerings more memorable. They provide a platform for articulating the unique selling propositions of the business, helping to align customer expectations and stimulate interest.

Behind The Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are captivating visuals that unveil a business's inner workings, culture, and human side. They provide a raw, unscripted view of what goes on behind the curtain, which can significantly boost the authenticity of a brand. They foster a deeper, more personal connection with the audience by showcasing the real people, processes, and values that drive the business. These videos also build trust and credibility as they demonstrate transparency and authenticity, allowing customers to see the integrity and dedication that goes into delivering the products or services.

Behind-the-scenes videos can set a business apart by offering a unique, authentic view of the brand, which can be engaging and endearing to the audience. The informal and genuine nature of these videos enhances audience engagement, making the brand more relatable and memorable. They also provide a platform for articulating the brand's values and culture, aiding in aligning audience perceptions with the true essence of the business.

Social Media Video Content

Social Media Video Content extends a brand's reach on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Often repurposed from other video projects, these videos are tailored for social engagement, enabling brands to resonate with their audience more informally and relatably.

They are a cost-effective way to enhance online visibility, as one video can be edited into various formats, such as stories or reels, to suit different platforms or features. They offer a fresh, engaging way to showcase a brand's personality, values, and offerings, making the brand more memorable. Businesses can significantly boost their online engagement, reach a broader audience, and provide a more dynamic and interactive brand experience by strategically repurposing and sharing video content across social media.

Email Videos

Email Videos are a compelling form of communication within a business's email marketing strategy, enhancing engagement in the recipient's inbox. These videos, often embedded within emails, serve multiple purposes. For instance, when a customer signs up for a service or a newsletter, an automated email containing a video can efficiently explain the next steps, making the onboarding process smoother and more engaging. This visual format can break complex information into digestible content, enhancing understanding and retention.

Email Videos also allow brands to showcase their personality and values in a captivating way, fostering a deeper connection with the audience. They stand out in a sea of text-based emails, capturing attention and encouraging interaction. Utilizing Email Videos, especially in automated emails, can significantly improve user experience, simplify the communication of important information, and enhance the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

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Video Series

A Video Series is a collection of videos, usually revolving around a specific theme or topic, aimed at providing in-depth knowledge or insights. They are a stellar tool for businesses seeking to establish authority on specific topics within their industry. Businesses can showcase their expertise by creating videos that delve into various facets of a particular subject, providing value to their audience. This continuous stream of valuable content can help build a loyal audience base who appreciate the brand's knowledge and insight.

Over time, as the video series covers more ground and tackles various industry-related topics, the brand begins to be recognized as a thought leader in its domain. The sequential nature of a video series keeps the audience coming back for more, enhancing engagement and building a community of like-minded individuals who value the brand's contributions. Consistently delivering quality content within a video series reinforces the brand's credibility and trustworthiness.

Company Culture Videos

Company Culture Videos are engaging visuals that encapsulate a business's ethos, environment, and people. They play a vital role in showcasing the brand's values to customers and attracting new hires. By offering a glimpse into the company's environment, values, and what it stands for, these videos help prospective employees gauge if it's a place they want to work. They highlight the human side of the business, showcasing actual employees, their experiences, and the work culture, making the company more relatable and appealing to potential hires.

These videos can be a magnet for like-minded individuals who share the same values or are excited about the company's mission. When a business's culture resonates with potential employees, it's more likely to attract candidates who are a good fit and will contribute positively to the work environment. Additionally, Company Culture Videos are an excellent example of demonstrating transparency, giving an accurate picture of what to expect, which potential employees and customers appreciate. These videos can be shared across various platforms, including social media and the company's careers page, amplifying their reach to a broader audience.

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Onboarding Videos and Training Videos

Onboarding and Training Videos are essential tools for smoothly integrating new hires into a company. They provide crucial information on company policies, job-specific skills, and the company culture in a visually engaging manner, ensuring better comprehension and retention. These videos offer a consistent training experience, ensuring all employees are well-informed. They are also cost-effective and time-saving, as they can be reused across multiple training sessions and accessed conveniently.

By incorporating an onboarding or training video(s), businesses can streamline the onboarding process, enhance training effectiveness, and foster a supportive environment for new employees, contributing to their long-term success and satisfaction.

Live Stream Videos

Live Stream Videos are real-time broadcasts that have found a place in digital marketing for their ability to foster immediate interaction between brands and their target audience. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are popular for hosting these live sessions. Live streams are ideal for various events like product launches, Q&A sessions, or behind-the-scenes looks, allowing viewers to engage directly with the brand. They provide an avenue for immediate customer feedback, where viewers can comment and get real-time responses, building a sense of community and trust.

Additionally, live streams can establish a brand's authority on specific topics by discussing industry trends or sharing insights live with the audience. Despite being cost-effective and requiring less production effort, live streams offer high engagement rates, making them valuable for enhancing brand loyalty, online presence, and customer relations. Businesses can create an authentic and interactive brand experience by integrating live streams into their marketing strategy.

Bonus: Video Wallpapers

Video Wallpapers, also known as Silent Website Headers, are visually appealing videos placed at the header of a website, playing silently on loop to capture visitor attention. They are an artistic way to convey a brand's essence, enhance the website's aesthetics, and create a dynamic first impression without overwhelming visitors with audio.

These videos immediately engage visitors by providing a visually stimulating experience when they land on the website. They can showcase the brand's products, services, culture, or any aspect that the business wishes to highlight in a more interactive and engaging way compared to static images.

Moreover, Video Wallpapers help create a modern, professional look, which can instill a sense of credibility and intrigue, encouraging visitors to explore the website further. They can also help convey complex emotions or themes that might be hard to communicate through text or static images alone.

Being silent, these videos add to the visual appeal without distracting visitors with unwanted noise, making them a subtle yet effective tool for enhancing website design. They also allow for creative expression, enabling brands to communicate their brand personality in a unique and visually captivating manner.

Check out a great example of video wallpaper on Visionaery Productions home page.

Video clapper slate, ready to start your video production

Final Thoughts

Video content has emerged as a linchpin for effective communication and engagement between businesses and their audiences. The 12 types of videos discussed provide a rich toolkit for businesses to articulate their brand story, showcase their offerings, engage with their audience, and establish authority in their respective domains. From the authenticity of Company Culture Videos to the real-time engagement facilitated by Live Stream Videos, each type serves unique purposes, yet collectively, they work towards elevating the brand's online presence and creating meaningful connections.

As video consumption continues to soar, leveraging these diverse video formats is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses aiming for impactful online interactions. Be it attracting potential hires, guiding new customers, or nurturing a community around the brand, the power of visual storytelling through these videos is undeniable.

Investing in a well-rounded video strategy encompassing these different formats will enrich the brand's digital narrative, create consistency, and drive tangible results in engagement, trust, and conversions. As we head further into the visual digital age, the role of videos in shaping a brand's identity and customer experience will only become more pivotal. Integrating various video content is a prudent step toward building a robust, engaging, and resonant brand presence in the digital realm.

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