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Amplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Video Production For Conventions, Events, and Trade Shows

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Event Videography, Corporate Event Video Production, Trade Show Video Production, Event Video


As we venture further into the digital era, the significance of video as a powerful marketing tool continues to rise exponentially. Integrating video production can be a game-changer for businesses that host corporate and industry events. Not only does it capture the vibrancy and dynamism of these events, but it also extends their impact far beyond the venue's confines, amplifying the reach to potential attendees worldwide. With its ability to generate an immersive and engaging experience, video serves as a compelling sneak peek into what attendees can expect, sparking curiosity and encouraging participation. Moreover, video content, with its shareable nature, offers businesses a chance to generate buzz around their event, significantly driving up attendance and revenue. Therefore, it's no surprise that companies are increasingly harnessing the potential of video production to supercharge their event marketing strategy, making it a cornerstone of their digital marketing efforts.

In this blog, we will delve into the transformative impact of video production on the digital marketing of corporate and industry events. You will discover the key benefits of incorporating video, including its ability to boost visibility, engage audiences, and drive revenue. We'll also guide you through the most effective types of video content to create at your events, ensuring you're fully equipped to leverage this powerful tool for maximum digital marketing impact.

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Event Videography, Corporate Event Video Production, Trade Show Video Production, Event Video


Embracing video production as part of the strategic approach to hosting conventions, corporate events, and industry trade shows is an investment that can pay significant dividends. Video content uniquely captures the energy and essence of your events, creating a lasting impact that extends far beyond the physical confines of the event itself. The multifaceted benefits of integrating video production are as varied as they are valuable.

1. Increased Reach

Video content allows companies to extend the reach of their events far beyond the physical confines of the venue. By sharing videos online, businesses can engage with a global audience, creating additional exposure and awareness.

2. Enhanced Engagement

Videos are inherently engaging, holding viewers' attention far more effectively than text or static images. This increased engagement can help companies better connect with their audience, generate buzz around their brand, and encourage participation in future events.

3. Building Trust

Video content, especially testimonials and behind-the-scenes footage, can humanize a brand and build trust with audiences. Seeing real people and real interactions can help potential customers feel more connected to a brand, fostering loyalty.

4. Improved SEO

Video content can significantly boost a company's SEO efforts. Websites with video content often rank higher in search engine results, driving more traffic to the site and increasing the visibility of the company's events.

5. Effective Training and Education

Video content can be an effective tool for training and education. Businesses can repurpose presentations, speeches, and workshops from their events to educate their team and customers, adding value long after the event has ended.

6. Increased Sales and Conversions

Videos are powerful sales tools. Product demonstrations and customer testimonials captured at events can be utilized to showcase the value of a product or service, potentially driving increased sales and conversions.

7. Evergreen Content

Video content captured at events can be repurposed and used in various ways over time. From social media posts to website content, these videos can provide long-lasting value, making the investment in video production well worth it.

Event Videography, Corporate Event Video Production, Trade Show Video Production, Event Video


Selecting the right type of video content to produce for your corporate or industry event can greatly influence your marketing outcomes. Here are some of the most effective types of video content you should consider:

Event Highlights

Event highlight videos capture the best moments of the event in a condensed and engaging manner. They provide a glimpse into the event's atmosphere, keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and more, creating an enticing preview for potential future attendees.

Speaker Interviews

Filming interviews with keynote speakers or industry leaders can provide valuable insights that resonate with your audience. These interviews can position your company as a thought leader and should be used for future content marketing.


Video testimonials from satisfied customers or attendees offer compelling social proof of the value of your events or products. They can create trust and credibility, encouraging potential customers to engage with your brand.

Product Demonstrations

If your event features new product releases or demos, video coverage of these can later be used in product-specific marketing campaigns. These videos can demonstrate the product's features and benefits in an engaging, real-world context.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes videos offer a glimpse into the preparation and hard work that goes into your events, humanizing your brand and creating a connection with your audience.

Educational Content

If the event involves informative sessions, workshops, or panel discussions, filming these can provide valuable educational content for your audience. This underscores your brand's expertise and can continue providing value long after the event has concluded.

Interactive Content

Capturing interactive moments, such as Q&As, audience participation, or hands-on workshops, can showcase the dynamic and engaging nature of your events, creating more interest for future events.

Live Streams

Live streaming broadens your event's reach, allowing global participation and fostering real-time interaction. It enhances inclusivity, promotes immediate engagement, and the recorded streams can be repurposed for future content, maximizing its long-term value.

Remember, the key is to create video content that aligns with your brand message and the interests of your target audience. The right mix of video content can significantly enhance your event's appeal, reach, and overall marketing impact.

Interested in learning about our event video production at Visionaery? Learn more here!

Event Videography, Corporate Event Video Production, Trade Show Video Production, Event Video


Video is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used at every stage of an event for effective digital marketing. Here's how an event organizer might utilize video before, during, and after an event:


Promotion and Teasers

Share short promotional videos on your social media platforms, website, and email newsletters to generate buzz and excitement. These videos could include highlights from past events, interviews with scheduled speakers, or sneak peeks of what attendees can expect.

Invitation Videos

Personalized video invitations can make potential attendees feel valued and increase the chances of them attending your event.

Instructional Videos

If the event involves any complexities (like a virtual platform or certain safety protocols), a short instructional video can help attendees know what to expect and how to prepare.


Live Streaming

Broadcast key sessions or the entire event live. This allows people who couldn't attend in person to participate virtually, expanding the reach of your event.

Social Media Updates

Sharing real-time video updates on social media can make people feel involved even if they're not physically present. Behind-the-scenes content can also add an extra layer of engagement.

Interactive Content

Use video for Q&A sessions, live polls, or other interactive content to keep attendees engaged and involved.


Highlight Reel

A well-edited highlight reel can capture the best moments of your event, providing an engaging summary for those who attended and a promotional tool for future events.

On-Demand Content

Make recordings of key sessions or the entire event available for viewing after the event. This extends the life of your content and provides value for attendees who want to revisit certain sessions or for those who missed out.

Testimonial Videos

Capture testimonials from attendees right after the event when their impressions are freshest. These can be powerful trust signals for promoting future events.

Remember, the key to effective video marketing for events is to align each video's purpose with your overall marketing strategy and the interests of your target audience.

Interested in learning more about utilizing video marketing for your next event, industry tradeshow, or convention? Book a consultation with Visionaery here.

Event Videography, Corporate Event Video Production, Trade Show Video Production, Event Video


Integrating captivating videos from your corporate or industry events into your digital marketing and advertising campaign is crucial to maximizing their impact. Here's how you can leverage these videos effectively:

Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms are ideal for sharing video content. Sharing clips from event highlights, interviews, testimonials, or interactive sessions on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can generate buzz and engagement. Sharing behind-the-scenes content on Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories can add a personal, interactive touch.

Email Marketing

Including videos such as event highlights or speaker interviews in your emails can boost engagement and click-through rates. Consider sending a series of emails leading up to your next event, each featuring different video content from the previous event.

Website Integration

Hosting longer-form video content like educational sessions or comprehensive event highlights on your website keeps your content fresh and engaging and improves SEO, driving more traffic to your site.

Landing Pages for Paid Advertising

Incorporating video content on landing pages for your paid advertisements can significantly enhance conversions. When users click through from your ads, the engaging video content can keep them on your site longer and guide them towards making a purchase or registering for your event.

Paid Advertising

Utilizing video content in your paid advertising campaigns can dramatically increase engagement and conversions. Short clips or highlights can be used in YouTube ads, social media ads, or on streaming platforms. Testimonials or product demonstrations can be particularly effective.

Content Marketing

Video content can be repurposed into various formats for content marketing. Interviews can be transcribed into blog posts, highlight reels can be broken down into shorter clips for social media, and educational content can be used in webinars or online courses.

Public Relations

Sharing videos from your events with media outlets as part of a press release can result in more engaging coverage, increasing the likelihood of your event being featured in industry publications or local news.

Incorporating video content into your digital marketing and advertising strategy requires consistent messaging and alignment of each video's purpose with the appropriate digital channel. Leveraging the power of video content from your events helps create a compelling narrative that attracts attention, builds engagement, and drives more attendance and revenue for future events.


Renowned for their nationwide IT Symposiums, EFM Events sought the expertise of Visionaery Productions to enrich their digital marketing strategy through engaging video content. Ranging from the historic streets of Boston to the vibrant energy of New Orleans and the heartland of Tulsa, our production team set out to capture the essence of these events across the United States.

At the core of our mission was the goal to amplify event attendance and revenue for EFM Events. Our video strategy highlighted key speakers, encapsulated enthusiastic testimonials from attendees, and documented the vibrant atmosphere of the events. This content was designed to showcase the dual advantage of attending such an event – gaining critical industry insights and fostering valuable connections in the world of IT.

These Symposiums serve as powerful catalysts in the IT community, fostering growth, knowledge exchange, and relationship building. To ensure this narrative was accurately conveyed, EFM's event-specific website landing pages now feature the compelling highlight videos we produced.

These videos play a pivotal role in not only enhancing conversion rates but also in illustrating the inherent value of these events. They forge a trustful relationship with IT professionals striving to propel their careers forward, giving them a transparent glimpse into what they can expect by attending.

We invite you to explore the transformative impact of our video productions through the examples provided below. Dive into the world of EFM Events' IT Symposiums, where community meets innovation.

EFM Events: North Texas Tech Connect

EFM Events: Kansas City IT Symposium


As we move further into the digital age, video marketing for corporate and industry events is not only set to become more prevalent. Still, it will likely be a requirement for effective event promotion and engagement. The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of events, with many shifting to virtual or hybrid models. As a result, audiences have become accustomed to engaging with video content. They'll likely expect live streams, event highlights, interviews, and interactive video elements as part of their event experience. The future will bring more innovative video uses, from virtual reality experiences to AI-powered personalization. Ultimately, video will continue to be an integral part of the attendee experience, providing value and engagement before, during, and after the event and ensuring a wider reach and greater inclusivity for corporate and industry events.


In conclusion, integrating video production into corporate and industry events has proven to be a powerful strategy, transforming how we approach digital marketing. The benefits are clear - from increasing engagement and building trust with your audience to improving event attendance and driving revenue. With the continual advancement of technology and an audience that increasingly values and expects video content, the role of video marketing in this space is set to become even more vital. Whether through live streams, promotional materials, testimonials, or on-demand content, video can create a more inclusive, engaging, and impactful event experience. Embracing this trend will keep your events relevant and competitive and help pave the way for a more dynamic and connected event landscape in the future.


Visionaery Productions is here to help film your conventions, events, and trade shows. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our full-service video production company has a team of experts who will help you create high-quality, engaging videos that resonate with your audience and drive results through video marketing strategy. Visionaery Productions works with budgets of all sizes and varying scopes.

Visionaery specializes in commercial video, corporate video, and drone video services. We partner with highly impactful brands to channel their vision and values into creative video marketing that makes it easy for people to resonate with their mission.

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