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Elevating Nonprofit Awareness Through Visual Storytelling: NFED

Updated: Jul 16

The National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) stands as a beacon of hope and advocacy for those affected by ectodermal dysplasia, a group of inherited disorders that can impact the skin, hair, teeth, and sweat glands. Dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families facing these challenges, NFED's mission encompasses education, research, and support.

Recognizing the power of visual storytelling in advancing their cause, NFED reached out to Visionaery Productions with a vital mission: to create an updated video that would encapsulate the foundation's essence, mission, and the impactful outcomes of their research. With the annual NFED meeting in St. Louis, MO, on the horizon, this event provided a prime opportunity to capture compelling footage and heartfelt testimonials.

Visionaery Productions eagerly embraced this challenge, aiming to produce a video to raise awareness and educate the public about ectodermal dysplasia, fostering a deeper understanding and support for the foundation's invaluable work.

Project Overview: Crafting Awareness for NFED

Visionaery Productions teamed up with Veronica Minard, the marketing director of the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) at the time, to develop a comprehensive game plan for our video shoot. Although based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we were prepared to take on the logistical challenges of filming in St. Louis, Missouri, at the annual NFED meeting.

The objective was clear: create an updated video to raise awareness and educate the public about NFED's mission, research, and outcomes while capturing enough footage for future content. It would also cover some specifics regarding the research breakthroughs on x-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

This larger video video would contain information like explainer videos but also personal stories like testimonial videos. This would also allow us to break the large video down into multiple pieces to create recyclable video content.

Our primary target audience included individuals and families affected by ectodermal dysplasia, medical professionals, and potential supporters. The key messages focused on the foundation's dedication to education, research, and support, highlighting the tangible impact of their work.

During our initial meeting and project briefing with Veronica and other NFED representatives, we meticulously planned the shooting schedule to ensure we captured all necessary elements.

This included filming the convention and interviewing NFED leaders, impacted families, and doctors. Addressing the logistical concerns of transporting our video equipment, we coordinated with the hotel to use one of their larger suites as our interview setup, providing ample space for our gear.

Our collaborative approach with Veronica allowed us to efficiently navigate these challenges and deliver a video that met the immediate needs of the NFED but also provided a rich repository of content for future use.

Visionaery Productions' Video Approach

Behind The Scenes

Pre-Production: Laying the Foundation For A Successful Video

Our collaboration with Veronica Minard began with comprehensive planning sessions to capture the NFED's mission and impact. We delved into understanding ectodermal dysplasia to ensure an accurate and empathetic portrayal.

Given the shoot's out-of-state location and "run and gun" nature, we prepared detailed interview questions instead of a script. We relied on Veronica to coordinate families willing to share their stories. We rented lighting equipment online and arranged for shipping it to a nearby FedEx location, allowing us to travel light with our Canon C300 Mk III and Canon C70 cameras.

Arriving the night before filming, our crew, Dennis Nagelkirk and Brady Gilliam, ensured they were ready for two intensive days. Veronica also helped advise interviewees on suitable on-camera attire. This preparation set the stage for a successful shoot, capturing essential footage for immediate and future NFED needs.

Production: Capturing the Heart of NFED's Mission

Video Stills

The two-day shoot for the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia (NFED) was a dynamic and immersive experience designed to encapsulate ectodermal dysplasia's clinical and personal facets.

Day One: Clinical Insights and Convention Coverage

Day one commenced at St. Louis University, where NFED patients were able to consult with doctors and describe their symptoms in detail. This interaction was invaluable, offering medical professionals and students a rare, firsthand look at ectodermal dysplasia.

Given its rarity, many doctors might never encounter the disease, making this an essential learning opportunity to see abnormal ectodermal features and dental treatment options that are typical of those with the genetic disorder.

We captured extensive footage at the hospital, focusing on the interactions between patients and medical staff. This footage would later serve as a powerful visual element to underscore the importance of NFED's mission in the video.

Following the hospital visit, we headed to the hotel, where the NFED convention was in full swing. Filming the convention involved meticulously following the schedule, ensuring we captured key moments, speeches, and the vibrant atmosphere of the event. This footage provided a rich B-roll to complement the interviews, adding depth and context to the final narrative.

Midway through the day, we quickly traveled to FedEx to pick up our rented gear, ensuring we were fully equipped for the next day's interviews. We returned to the hotel suite to set up our equipment, preparing for a seamless transition into day two.

The final segment of Day 1 was filming a heartwarming pool party, where NFED families and friends gathered to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. This joyful event was the perfect conclusion to our filming, highlighting the sense of community and support that NFED fosters.

Day Two: Personal Stories and Expert Insights

Day two was dedicated almost entirely to interviews, forming the emotional core of the video. The interviews included the head of the NFED, a doctor, a dentist, and four families, each with unique and compelling stories about their experiences with ectodermal dysplasia.

Due to the limited size of the hotel room, the interview setup required careful space management. We rearranged furniture to maximize the available space, creating an intimate yet professional setting. Utilizing a two-camera setup and multiple lights, we ensured each interview was well-lit and visually engaging, capturing the subjects and their surroundings with clarity and warmth.

After completing the interviews, we packed the rental equipment and dropped it off at FedEx for return.

With the footage in hand, we flew home the following morning, ready to begin the next phase of crafting a video that would bring awareness and understanding to the forefront of NFED's mission.

Post-Production: Crafting an All-Encompassing Narrative

X-Linked HED Trial Announcement Video

Before leaving the hotel, we backed up all the footage onto multiple drives, ensuring redundancy and safety. This precaution was crucial to protect the valuable content we had gathered over the two-day shoot. Upon returning to Michigan, the post-production process began promptly, as we aimed to create a comprehensive and impactful video.

The project demanded a longer format to include the wealth of material we had captured: multiple interviews, detailed information about ectodermal dysplasia, insights into the organization, and personal stories from affected families. The editing process was extensive, requiring careful selection and integration of the best moments from each interview to create a cohesive and engaging narrative.

Finding the right music was a critical step. We sought a heartfelt soundtrack that would resonate emotionally with viewers, enhancing the storytelling and helping convey the depth of shared experiences. The chosen music needed to support the narrative without overpowering it, striking a balance that would leave a lasting impact on the audience.

With the initial edit in place, we moved on to color correction and grading. The varied lighting conditions, especially the hotel's lighting, required significant adjustment to ensure a consistent and visually appealing final product. Skin tones were carefully corrected to achieve a natural look, and the overall color scheme was refined to enrich the video's visual quality.

Once the first cut was complete, it was sent to Veronica and the NFED team for review. Their feedback would be essential in fine-tuning the final version, ensuring that it met their expectations and effectively communicated the foundation's mission and the realities of ectodermal dysplasia.

This collaborative process was vital to achieving a polished and impactful final product that would raise awareness and educate the public.

Revisions, Final Deliverables, and Impact

X-Linked HED Impact On Women Video

The initial cut of the video blew away Veronica and the NFED team. Their enthusiasm was evident, but they did have a few revisions for us to address. These included correcting spelling errors and incorporating additional interview segments to enhance the narrative. We swiftly implemented these changes, ensuring every detail met their high standards.

With the revisions approved, we proceeded to create the final video pieces. The comprehensive video was designed for multiple platforms: social media, email campaigns, and the NFED website. Its purpose was to raise awareness and educate the public about ectodermal dysplasia, leveraging the emotional and informative content to engage a broad audience.

The video's impact was immediate and significant. It became a powerful tool for the NFED, boosting its online presence and enhancing its outreach efforts. The compelling stories and professional presentation resonated deeply with viewers, increasing awareness and support for the foundation's mission.

Our collaboration with the NFED continued. Recognizing the value of the footage we had captured, we embarked on additional projects together, creating supplementary video assets.

Creating Bright Futures Video Campaign

These included segments from the interviews that hadn't made it into the main video, providing the NFED with even more content for their social media channels. This strategy amplified their ability to spread their message, keeping their audience engaged and informed.

Overall, the project was a resounding success, showcasing the power of thoughtful storytelling and strategic video production in advancing the mission of an important organization like the NFED.

Conclusion: A Successful Collaboration with NFED

The collaboration between Visionaery Productions and the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia (NFED) was a testament to the power of partnership and the impact of thoughtful storytelling.

Through meticulous planning, skilled execution, and careful post-production, we created a video that met and exceeded NFED's expectations, raising awareness and educating the public about ectodermal dysplasia.

This project underscored Visionaery Productions' commitment to crafting meaningful and impactful content. By leveraging the video's emotional and informative power, we were able to amplify NFED's message and significantly support its mission.

We encourage other organizations to consider video as a powerful tool for awareness and education. Video can deeply engage audiences and drive meaningful change.

Partner with Leading Video Production Companies

Non-profits, let us help you spread your mission and amplify your impact. At Visionaery Productions, a leading video production agency, we understand the power of storytelling and the unparalleled effectiveness of video as a digital marketing tool.

Our expertise in crafting meaningful and impactful video content ensures your story resonates deeply with your audience, driving awareness, engagement, and support.

Whether you need to raise awareness, educate the public, or inspire action, we are here to bring your vision to life. Contact Visionaery Productions today to discuss how we can collaborate to create powerful video content that highlights your mission and makes a lasting impact. Let's work together to tell your story and elevate your cause.

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