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How To Choose The Right Video Production Company: 7-Step Guide For Businesses and Marketers

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

How to choose the right video production company: 7-step guide for businesses and marketers


Choosing the right video production company can be a game-changer for your business or marketing agency. It's the difference between creating compelling, engaging content that makes your brand shine and getting lost in the sea of online videos. But with so many companies out there claiming to be "the best," how do you navigate your way to the right choice? In this blog post, we'll explore key considerations and provide actionable tips to help you select the video production company that will best capture your brand's story, resonate with your audience, and help elevate your marketing strategy to new heights. Buckle up, and let's start this journey together!


Video Production Project Brief


A project brief is a powerful tool for understanding and defining a video production project. It outlines your video content's goals, targets, audience, strategies, and critical details, providing a clear guide for your team and the production company.

Before selecting a video production company, you must have a comprehensive understanding of your needs. This begins with the fundamental question: what type of video do you want to produce?

Are you looking to showcase your product or service through an attention-grabbing demo video? Do you want to craft an overarching brand video that encapsulates the ethos and mission of your company? Are you planning on producing engaging social media ads that resonate with your target audience and spur them into action? Or is it a different type of video content you're aiming for? Each of these requires a unique approach, different skills, and sometimes even specialized equipment, which is why understanding your needs is essential.

The more specific and clear you are about your requirements in your project brief, the better a potential production company can understand and accommodate your needs. This clarity not only streamlines the process of finding the right video production company but also sets the stage for a smoother collaboration once the project starts. It ensures that you and the production company are aligned from the outset, which can make all the difference in achieving the desired results.

Set Up A Video Production Budget


Setting a budget sounds obvious, but we have found that many clients start discussions without knowing what they would spend on their projects.

Budget is a critical component in the planning and execution of any project, and video production is no exception. In the project brief, stating your budget clearly and upfront is vital for several reasons.

It helps the video production company understand the scope of resources available for the project. For instance, your budget may determine the quality of equipment used, the size of the crew hired, the complexity of the video's concept, whether there will be high-profile talent involved, the locations for shooting, and the time invested in post-production processes like editing, color grading, sound design, and more.

Being transparent about your budget allows the video production company to devise a strategic plan that maximizes using these resources. With a clear understanding of your budget, they can make informed decisions on allocating funds effectively across different stages of the video production process, ensuring that every dollar is used optimally to deliver the best possible final product.

The stated budget enables the production company to propose solutions and alternatives that align with your financial framework. For instance, if the desired concept is beyond the budget, the company can suggest creative, cost-effective ways to convey the same message or achieve similar effects.

If you need to learn about video production pricing, we would be happy to talk with you in more detail right here.

Define Your Video Production Timeline


When can you start the project, and when is your deadline?

Setting a clear timeline in your project brief enables the video production company to understand and plan for the project's trajectory effectively.

A good production company will take your timeline and help to provide a mutually agreed-upon schedule, eliminating ambiguity around expectations. The video production company can manage its time and resources effectively by knowing your deadlines. Knowing when each element of the project needs to be completed, they can prioritize tasks, allocate resources wisely, and ensure steady progress toward the end goal.

The production company should build in review and feedback periods. These are important for maintaining the quality of the project and ensuring the final product meets your expectations.



Start Your Video Production Company Search


There are a few different ways to find a video production company.

  • Ask for referrals from people or companies that have quality videos.

  • Look at your favorite brand's websites and socials that utilize video effectively and search for the companies they have used.

  • Sites like ProductionHub will showcase a directory of production companies in your defined area.

  • Google "Video Production Company Near Me" or "Video Production Company In (insert your location)." You should get a plethora of results to look through.

Be sure to check out the reviews and testimonials of each company. Reviews from previous clients can give you insight into a company's reliability, communication, professionalism, and quality of work.

Look At Video Production Company Portfolios and Experience


Several key factors can guide your decision when selecting a video production company. Their portfolio provides a snapshot of their work quality and style - if it resonates with your vision, they could be a good fit.

The company's experience demonstrates its understanding of the industry and its capability to deliver successful projects, particularly if they have a history of managing similar projects to yours.

Creativity is another crucial aspect; a company that brings innovative ideas and unique perspectives can help your video stand out among competitors.

Lastly, the type of equipment they use can significantly impact the video quality. Access to advanced equipment and knowledge of the latest industry trends can expand the possibilities for your project.

Ultimately, the right fit will depend on how well these factors align with your specific needs, budget, and overall vision for your video.

Dive deep into each company's social media pages. Check out their behind-the-scenes imagery. Do their sets align with your project? Are they too big or too small? How have the video production company's videos performed for their clients? Look for engagement on those videos.

Set Up A Meeting With A Video Production Company


After you have a focused list of video production companies, set up a meeting to discuss your project brief in more detail.

Many production companies will be happy to have a face-to-face meeting, but many have adapted to the ease of a video call like Zoom or Google Meet. Be sure to let them know of your preference.

During this meeting, you will get a good sense of their production process. Ask about any previous work they've done that is similar to the project you'd like to have produced.

This meeting is a great time to gauge the production company's culture. You will work very closely with a production company, so you want to make sure there are not any personality or culture clashes.

Be sure to have a list of questions prepared alongside your project brief.

Some examples of questions to ask might be:

  • Who will be working on my project? What services are In-House, and what services are Outsourced?

  • How do you handle revisions?

  • How do you ensure the video aligns with my brand?

  • What does your pricing include?

  • Who owns the rights to the footage?

  • Do you have suggestions for my project?

  • How do you ensure the project stays on time and within budget?

  • What input will you need from us?

  • What assets do you need from us?

During your conversation with the production companies on your list, you will discover which companies show genuine interest in your project/brand and which companies do not show interest.

Get A Video Production Proposal And Quote


At the end of the meeting with your desired production companies, ask them for a project proposal and a line-item quote.

Check out each proposal. Did each proposal align with your vision and project brief? Only move forward with the companies that align with you.

Look for pricing transparency and compare each quote. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Cheaper isn't always better. Remember that video marketing is an investment; usually, greater investments create more significant returns.

Feel free to contact the corresponding video production company with any questions or concerns. Companies interested in working with you will gladly answer your follow-up questions.


Once you've narrowed down your list to your final production company, you can move forward with their services, or for an additional fee, you can ask for a video treatment. Not all projects require a treatment, especially low-budget projects.

A video treatment, also known as a film treatment, is a detailed document that outlines a proposed video or film project. It can be a vital part of the pre-production process and is used to convey the creative vision and direction for the video to stakeholders, including clients, production teams, and potential investors.

A video treatment typically includes:

1. Concept: Summary of the video's main idea or story. It lays out the unique and compelling aspects of the proposed project.

2. Genre and Style: This section describes the kind of video it will be, such as a commercial, documentary, or music video, and outlines the stylistic approach, such as whether it will be humorous, dramatic, abstract, etc.

3. Storyline or Narrative: This offers a more detailed account of what will happen in the video, scene by scene or beat by beat.

4. Visuals: This might include descriptions of the key visual elements, imagery, or overall aesthetic. Some video treatments include mood boards or concept art to express the intended look and feel of the project visually.

5. Audio: This can cover everything from the dialogue or voice-over script to the types of sound effects or music used.

6. Target Audience: This section identifies whom the video is intended for, helping to ensure the content, tone, and style will resonate with the intended viewers.

A video treatment aims to excite and engage its reader while providing a clear picture of what the final video will look, sound, and feel like. This is an essential tool to secure approval, funding, or buy-in for a video project.

Lights! Camera! Action! Video Production


In conclusion, finding the right video production company for your business is a journey that requires clarity, understanding, and careful selection. With these steps, you can navigate the vast sea of video production companies and find the one that can best tell your brand's story, resonate with your audience, and take your marketing strategy to the next level. After you have found the right video production company for your needs, it's time to start your production. Lights, Camera, Action!


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